Caimi Brevetti

Caimi Brevetti

Seventy years after its foundation, Caimi Brevetti maintains unaltered its passion for R&D, its desire to innovate and discover new roads, and its natural propensity to design and development.

Faithfully upholding these values has allowed the company to build a history studded with success and prestigious international awards. The path is dense with original and innovative products, created to deliver real solutions to the needs of our lives and lifestyles, whether private or public, with special attention to environmental protection.

In the last decade, Caimi Brevetti has taken the road of research in the field of acoustic design, achieving extraordinary results, from public to work spaces to places of entertainment and culture, in order to effectively solve the serious and widespread problem of noise. Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber technologies represent a turning point in acoustic design and make it possible to accomplish fast and easy acoustic correction, by installing lightweight and flexible panels in new builds as well as pre-existing spaces.

Workspace Dubai

Via Brodolini 25/27 – Nova Milanese (Monza Brianza) – Italy

Workspace, Furniture & Accessories

  • Acoustic screens & wall panels

  • Acoustic wall panels

  • Shelving systems

  • Seatings & Tables

  • Accessories & Lighting

  • Partitions

  • Signage & Communication systems

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