Frezza produces quality office furniture and hospitality solutions. Frezza is one of the biggest Italian industrial realities in the professional furnishing field. Frezza’s history began in 1954 and is rooted in the best “Made in Italy” artisan traditions. It represents the Made in Italy trademark worldwide, using internationally recognized designers and an internal research and development team, oriented towards technological and aesthetic innovation. All solultions are designed to promote well-being, respect the environment and improve work spaces. Frezza is a member of the We.Do. Group holding company, founded by Ettore Doimo’s inheritors with the aim of sharing, together with its fellow enterprises, an important growth plan in Italy and expansion program is not new foreign markets. For Frezza, social and environmental responsibility are criteria that guide every entrepreneurial, design and production decision. The environment and safety regulations are complemented by a rigorous internal policy, which focuses on innovation to ensure a sustainable production process and ethical conduct in all business choices.

Workspace Dubai
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Via Ferret, 11/9 – Vidor (TV) – Italy

Furniture & Accessories

  • Hospitality Furniture & Furnishing

  • Office Furniture Desks & Tables

  • Seating System

  • Retail Furniture

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