Glam_ee is the name given to the new line of chairs-designed by some well-known Italian designers-and produced by Emmeti Srl. A sparkling name for 20 different collections. Common denominator of each product , is a strong reference to the “fashion” world and to the 1960s movies. Glam_ee is a star in a glamorous atmosphere where sequins glitter. A new way of understanding style, which is to be experienced by observing it from a new, alternative point of view. From this idea, a new visual identity is born, characterized by singular colours with a special attention to details and unusual shape combinations. glam_ee was born with a simple but virtuous intent, to combine aesthetics and functionality, to experience every environment with a different point of view.

Workspace Dubai

Piazza di Brazzà, 5-7, San Giovanni al Natisone (UD) – Italy

Furniture & Accessories

  • Hospitality Furniture & Furnishing

  • Seating System

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