Immersive Show Dinner

Immersive Show Dinner

In May 2018, after 1 years of research and development, Pier Paolo Roselli creates in Italy IMMERSIVE SHOW DINNER, anew platform of food entertainment for both corporate and private events at global level.
IMMERSIVE SHOW DINNER is the result of a coordination of a multi-disciplinary working team with more than 20 years of experience in media agencies, events management, artistic performances, fine dining experience and digital innovation. Its purpose is to develop a new concept of dining immersive experience able to merge together the most creative and innovative visual arts, cuisine, music and advanced technology, to provide exclusive multi-sensorial dining experience into IMMERSIVE ROOMS with backgrounds always different, spectacular and engaging, reserved for a variable number of exclusive guests.

The Hotel Show Dubai
Italian Pavilion

Via Dei Cerchi – Roma (RM) – Italy


  • Culinary Experience

  • Food Entertainment

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