SALIS NATURAL SURFACES is a startup that was born 90 years ago. They create textures, colour patterns and cut them into pieces until they tailor a perfect suit.

Starting from antique oak woods they have built their traditional collections.

The patented Legnoresina is a hypertechnological finishing that prevents from bacteria, has no formaldehyde and no pentachlorophenol. Within the ARMONICO moods, they introduced PANGEA, a very versatile beam size 4.5 x 90 that allows several patterns of installation. DESIGN INNOVATION. Not only wood Thanks to their experience with designers and colors, in 2016 they presented a design project named OFFICINA 107, a collection of different materials and tones (tiles, paints and carpets) that matches perfectly one each other. Designers must go for the mood and Salis offers the service to make it real.

Through the MYRENDER tool, and the program LUOGHI-SALIS, private customers and professionals can easily sketch their house to personalize their showroom

ME Design & Hospitality Week Dubai

Via del Pino 107, Ponte Pattoli (PG) – Italy

Wood Flooring

  • Parquet flooring

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