BADARI since 1956 for 3 generations developed a formidable mastery in metalworking to create chandeliers and accessories in Classic and contemporary style.

Originally the Badari collections dealt exclusively with artistic lighting, comparable to the originals of the past and updating them with their own finishes developed internally.

The very high attention to the quality and materials used that has always distinguished Badari has then allowed us to extend our production capacities also to Luxury Furniture and Home Accessories, all chiseled and with the addition of materials as crystal, marbles, malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, rock crystal.

Badari: Every form of luxury

Index Dubai

Via del Pantano, 71 – Scandicci (FI) – Italy

Furniture & Accessories, Lighting

  • Classical Furniture

  • Bronze, Copper, Gold and Silver Accessories

  • Handmade Accessories

  • Accessories

  • Columns & capitals

  • Fireplaces and mantels

  • Decorative lighting

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