Dotto Trains

Dotto Trains

“Dotto Trains, on the right track since 1962”

A train in every city in the world”, this was the great dream of Ivo Dotto, founder of Dotto Trains, leading company in the construction of tourist trains on tires and rails. Even today, after almost sixty years of activity, the founder’s dream continues to fuel the Mission of the company: to invent and design tourist trains that meet the need to move in an ecological and comfortable way, that enhance the urban context and the historic and landscape heritage… and ensure fun.

Suitable for any location or occasion, from theme parks and tourist attractions through to the transport industry, Dotto Trains  offers an alternative transport system and fits in perfectly with town and tourist service, always respecting the environment.The 2021 has engaged all Dotto Staff into new projects, the company has launched into the markets two new models: the Big Boy, a completely new 4×4 locomotive that allow to get destinations never reached before and IVO22, a completely new electric train maintaining high attention on safety and environment-sustainability. Avant-garde technology, top research and style, customer care and respect for nature make Dotto an unbeatable partner for the creation and development of new tourist services and “constantly moving” commercial opportunities.

Dotto Trains – Made in Italy / Sustainable transport solutions

Saudi Entertainment & Amusement
Hall 3 – stand 3F61

Borgo Pieve 115, Castelfranco Veneto (TV) – Italy

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