Elite Stone Group

Elite Stone Group

Elite Stone Group is the direct Italian producer of marble from the quarry to finished marble interiors. ES Group is one of the most important luxury stone players on worldwide market, famous for great collection of the most valuable Italian white marbles coming from own quarries plus colored exotic marble, onyxes with extraordinary processing quality. All our materials are rigorously produced in Italy according to highest standards and exclusive know-how therewith our skilled technical office is capable to perform high-end finished solution for our VIP clientele. For the first time the ES direct Italian marble producer opens its own deposit in Dubai, where the most precious made-in-Italy marble will be at VIP clientele disposal.

Index Dubai
Index Saudi Arabia

Via Passo di Napoleone, 244 – Volargne di Dolcè (VR) – Italy


  • Natural Stone

  • Marble Slabs

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