Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica is a company that for over 60 years has worked in the building market producing accessories and components for many sectors, in each of which the company is renowned for its high degree of specialization and innovation of the proposed solutions. The wide range of products, designed and produced entirely in Italy, is divided into 10 lines and includes: support for raised flooring, substructures for outdoor decking, accessories for flat roofs waterproofing and liquid systems for sewage water, equipment for the installation, acoustic silencers and ventilation of rooms, services and products for soundproofing, silent ventilation and aeration and a new line dedicated to flooring raised to inside.

Workspace Dubai

Via Austria 25/E – Padova – Italy


  • Acoustic screens & wall panels

  • Acoustic wall panels

  • Commercial flooring

  • Elevated floors

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