Loris Zanca

Loris Zanca

A story began more than 50 years ago, that evolved over the years availing itself on spurs of the past and following trends of current time. A careful look at the stylistic research, at tradition and new technologies supported by great skilled craftsmen with the aim to interpret and anticipate the trends of furnishing fabrics’ field allowed to be able, in a short time to furnish and decorate the most prestigious locations.

A wide selection of fabrics ranging from the Renaissance to Romanticism, renewing processes almost disappeared thanks to the mastery of weavers who still know how to revive the sumptuousness and sophistication that made the Italian weaving famous all over the world.

Index Dubai

Località Cona – Torri del Benaco (VR) – Italy


  • Decorative Fabrics

  • Household Textiles

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