Minotti Luigi & Benigno

Minotti Luigi & Benigno

Our story is the story of a family of craftsmen with a passion for the elegant furnishings. More than sixty years ago, the Minotti Luigi and Benigno, started their work in Cabiate, in the heart of Brianza, a virtuous district of Made in Italy furniture.
It is a story made of ancient and new knowledge that is consolidated into one large family oriented towards the excellence in design and craftsmanship. Our unique creations is the result of the finest techniques of high-end ebanisterie together the art of carving, marqueterie, gilding along with the use of the most noble of materials: from the most valuable of woods, both in solid and veneer, to the most precious bronze ornaments, marbles and fabrics.

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Via Milano 54, Cabiate (CO) – Italy

Furniture & Accessories

  • Classical Furniture

  • Contemporary Collections

  • Dining Furniture

  • Living Room Furniture

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