MO-EL is largely recognized for its safe and strong indoor and outdoor products.  Its range of products  includes HACCP insect control devices, indoor or outdoor heaters, Hair and Hand dryers.  Nowadays MO-EL’s assortment includes a new and complete range of UV-C and O3 disinfection products. MO-EL is based in northern Italy.  Taking inspiration from nature MO-EL’s R&D applies the physical laws on useful items. Thus its heating products focus they warming beams where needed avoiding waste of energy. MO-EL’s insect traps respects the  useful microhabitats fauna, but is effective against the annoying flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes.
Components, materials and packaging are strictly selected on the base of their durability, resistance and recyclability. MO-EL products are developed according with the strictest safety regulations, because we care about the people that will use them. MO-EL’s products are rigorously controlled by our engineers and tested in external laboratories such as IMQ in Italy, ETL, UL and Bureau Veritas. ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees the high-quality standard of MO-EL’s products. Today MO-EL maintains all typical features of the Reggio-Emilia manufacturing way with an eye on the future and has created its market niche in over 80 countries worldwide, in which MO-EL proudly exports its products.

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Via Galvani 18, Montecchio Emilia (RE) – Italy


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