Quartzforms Spa

A favourable location where strategic communication routes intersect. A production process that relies heavily on energy from renewable sources, such as wind, solar and biomass.

Almost complete recycling of water used by the systems. A constant commitment to research and innovation. All this to create and offer you an engineered stone of priceless beauty: Ecotone™. For us, it is the culmination of a path that began in 1981 and continued until Quartzforms® was created in 2010, the year we acquired the Bretonstone® production plant in Germany. Today, our primary goal is product excellence achieved with minimal impact on the environment. We are well on track, and aware that there is still room for improvement. We do this for ourselves, for future generations and for a planet to which we want to give back, at least in part, the gifts it gives us.

Index Saudi

Via Sant’Antonio 113, Tombolo (PD) – Italy


  • Engineered Stone

  • Worktops

  • Baths

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