Roberto Giovannini Firenze 1958

“Roberto Giovannini srl” is the only company in the furniture sector capable of proposing Re-editions of antiques as an “Interpreter” fully respecting the original works and the historical-cultural framework that defines them.

Founded and based in Florence (Italy) the company’s mission is expressed precisely in its ability and willingness to interpret and re-edit the artifacts of the Venetian, French and British seventeenth and eighteenth century.

The re-editions are hybridized with materials and fabrics that are sometimes distant and contrasting, with innovative finishes which lead to diverse and exciting colours and to new expressive languages. And thus the tradition is strengthened by being renewed and by complying with some of the changing standards of modern day elegance.

Sofas, Armchairs, sumptuous Mirrors,  Beds, Tables and Consoles where you can imagine yourself in a simple and pleasant everyday life, living, working and dreaming.

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via dell’artigianato, 54B, Montespertoli (FI) – Italy

Furniture & Accessories

  • Classical Furniture

  • Living Room Furniture

  • Dining Furniture

  • Handmade Furniture & Accessories

  • Decorative Lighting

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