Seguso Gianni

Seguso Gianni

The Seguso family is one of the oldest families on the island of Murano.
They began Venetian glass production in 1400 and have since specialized in creating home decor masterpieces and custom-made pieces of art. Throughout the centuries, the Seguso family glassmakers’ creations have been handcrafted for both royal families and industrial dynasties.
Many pieces by Seguso artists are displayed in the permanent collections of famous museums all over the world.
Seguso Gianni art works are exported all over the world, allowing us to build trustworthy relationships with our clients on a particularly important subject: the beauty of their homes.
Customers from every nation pay homage to our furnace by adorning their surroundings with our masterpieces, be it oriental royal buildings, Russian stately homes or European palaces.
Our portfolio of locations also includes luxury hotels and institutional headquarters.
Permanent collaborations with some of the most important luxury fashion and furniture brands positively influence our furnace artists, allowing them to work on new experiments.

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Fondamenta Serenella 3, Murano (Venezia) – Italy

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