Research, quality and innovation are the landmarks for VetroIn, a company that has been creating high profile glass partitions since 2006.

An uncommon and deep-rooted experience supports a constant expansion towards new products and solutions that provide a full answer to the design, aesthetic and normative issues: each of which is fundamental when choosing the best partition suitable for the project needs. Systematic accuracy, top quality technical skills and a remarkable executive experience allow a constant implementation of VetroIn’s catalogue, plentiful of smart and high-tech sophisticated solutions that extend over the many, many potentialities offered by glass (and not only).

The limit for this challenge moves constantly further, improving also the overall performance of the company. This philosophy has led VetroIn to the achievement of the ISO 9001 and Leed certification.

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Via Renolda 12, Castel Mella (BS) – Italy


  • Glass partition walls

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