Simplex srl since 1962 has solved and implemented thousands of lighting projects, living day by day at the forefront of all the evolution of backlighting from fluorescent tubes to cold-cathode neon tubes up to the most modern and sophisticated LEDs, working alongside with some of the greatest light designers of all times both for design and construction. Today we have concentrated our know-how in the production and sale of two types of backlit mosaic walls for indoor and outdoor use, with no size limitation, perfectly homogeneous light diffusion, extremely easy to transport and install through interlocking systems and the use of powerful magnets. All of our products have very low power consumption and work on low voltage, and can be used with rechargeable batteries if necessary. We will also present our new Kyte system, real backlit kites that are very light and indestructible. A very useful solution to hang on the wall or ceiling, with elegant and essential three-dimensional style and a perfect light diffusion that – according to the chosen image – may be implemented with artistic lamps, luminous panels, or perfect advertising instruments.

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