Sylcom Venice

SYLCOM represents the glassmaking tradition of Venice, that speaks for itself.
It’s an alchemical union of natural elements: fire, sand, pigments and water.
There is no industrial logic here…
Sylcom has the only desire of keeping alive such a skillfull craftsmanship
and create thousands of components that are all unique pieces.

Venice is an endless source of inspiration.
Sylcom catches the artworks of churches and palazzi around the city and translate them into chandelier:
you can easily recognize the shapes of a mullioned window, of a sculpture, a stucco or molded cornices.
The colour palette draws from the nature of the city:
pinkish red of cocciopesto, green water, blue sky and golden mosaics.
You bring Venice into your house!

Index Dubai

Via Ferraris 21, Spinea (VE) – Italy


  • Decorative Lighting

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